What’s a happy marriage look like? — Writing Prompt #6

Can I share a secret with you? Before getting married to my husband, before I said yes to his proposal, before I even met him or started dating anyone at all — I had a fear that whatever marriage I entered into would fall apart. Today's prompt pertains to this subject: Share a time when you had a glimpse at what happy marriages years down the road can look like.

Let’s Get Vulnerable — It’s Time

I'm beginning to realize just how long it takes to build a successful blog. I have this goal to build up a community of people who share stories together; every time I imagine it, it really seems like such a grand thing that many people would truly enjoy and look forward to. The problem is I only ever see what it looks like a year or two down the road.

I was left in the dust — Writing Prompt #4

Today marks one week since I started writing prompts. Should I host a blog party yet? Ha, just kidding!....I'm totally waiting till I have 10 followers before doing that ʘ‿ʘ. But seriously, I'm really enjoying this a lot and looking forward to when some of you join me in my story sharing. Just respond to my writing prompt on your own blog and share your link in my comments! Bonus will be my faithful loyalty to your blog forever <3.