I was home schooled and wish I wasn’t — Writing Prompt #26

The other day, my sister asked me “If you could change something about the way you were raised what would it be?”

So let’s let that be today’s writing prompt, shall we?

My answer:

It’s not that I wish I weren’t home schooled. It’s just that I wish there were a lot more outlets for “getting out.” Early on was all right — we had Zak and ice scating and soccer. We had Awana and t-ball. But then we got a little older and yes, other things came in to play… biking anywhere we wanted with Elizabeth and youth group, to name a couple. But for someone who hates being stuck at home, with little to do other than school work and reading, I had to spend a lot of time being stuck at home doing nothing.

Everyone I knew thought I loved school — like really, really love it. I didn’t, and still don’t. In fact I’m actually pretty averse to it, and act similarly to a cat falling in the bath when faced with it. But I’ve got an idea why they all thought I loved it. I did well. I didn’t have much to put my mind to and I have always liked the feeling of being productive, so I spent a ton of time studying and doing homework. (I did enjoy English, and math usually.)

And myself thought I’m an avid reader. As it turns out, I actually only enjoy reading a little bit…just as much as the next guy. But with little to do and bored out of my mind, reading about other people who actually lived their lives was a pretty attractive activity. (My favorite book was The Giver.)

And lastly — Everyone INCLUDING myself thought I was an introvert. A definition according to this article is

Introverts (or those of us with introverted tendencies) tend to recharge by spending time alone. They lose energy from being around people for long periods of time, particularly large crowds.

As I’ve come to find out, THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT ME. I have a very hard time spending more than a few hours by myself. I love being around crowds, even if I don’t know anyone. I love listening to people talk — about themselves, about things they’re educated on, about their opinions even! I just love being around and with people and conversations. Am I always the quiet one? Yes. Do I get nervous if someone I don’t know strikes up a conversation? Yes. Am I the person in the conversation who asks questions just to keep the other person talking and to avoid having to talk about myself as long as possible? YES, YES, YES, always.

But being around people makes me feel good. And being around people I’ve come to feel comfortable with and love recharges me in ways I almost didn’t even understand when I was a child. I was  too cooped up at home with little ability to make friends who I could see often and recharge with.

What do you wish you could change regarding how you were raised?

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