Winnie the Pooh band-aids — Writing Prompt #22

When we got hurt as little kids, there were different tiers of accidents. The accidents involving the least amount of pain were covered with the cheap, boring, tan band-aids, and then the animated band-aids were saved for bigger bumps and scrapes. Then of course there were the toilet paper and medical tape band-aids that my dad liked to make for us when we were out of the real thing, but that has nothing to do with today’s story. Today’s memory involves my endeavor to obtain the coveted animated band-aid.

Writing prompt: Have you ever gone to great lengths to get something?

My memory:

My younger sister had just received one of the highly esteemed Winnie the Pooh band-aids. Someone MUST have given us these guys because the parents I know would never have spent the extra 20¢ on animated band-aids. They were so cute! I wanted one badly and I was ready to do something to get one.


My sister Lydianne (Lyd-ee-ann) and I went outside to figure out what I could do that would warrant one. Our first attempt occurred on our brick front walkway. “Just fall on them,” she directed me. I should add in here quickly that she is two years younger and considerably rougher than I was. She was the tomboy and I wasn’t girly by any measure, but I was definitely frightened by pain.

“How should I do that?”

“You just have to force yourself to fall so your knees get scraped.”

I did it, but just picture something kind of slow-motion as I gently “dropped” to my knees. Obviously nothing happened with such a gesture so we decided this wasn’t the way to go for me and headed around to my dad’s stack of firewood under the porch.

“Okay, now all you have to do is get a splinter into your hand.” She must have been four or five as she instructed me to do this.

“Okay, I’ll try.” I broke off a big splinter of wood and lightly pulled it across the back of my hand, with just enough pressure to make a little white scrape mark.

I think we gave up after that. I clearly wasn’t up to what it took to get a Winnie the Pooh band-aid. They were all destined to end up on Lydianne, who played hard enough that she didn’t even need to try to get one.

What about you…have you ever gone to great lengths to get something you wanted? Share it below!

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