Childhood Birthdays — Writing Prompt #23

This morning I was watching a YouTube channel I love, Natalie Bennet Vlogs, and this family was celebrating their two-year-old daughter’s birthday. It really brought back so many memories of how my parents’ celebrated me and my siblings’ birthdays. And MAN, did it also give me some toddler fever for Mackenzie! She’s just 7.5 months now, but ever since she hit half a year (which was the point I had looked forward to ever since she was born), she’s grown so fast! Her first tooth just broke through today, and I literally don’t think I’ve ever felt prouder ヽ(´▽`)/

I hope I can manage to snag a picture, but it’s still so tiny and her gums are red from irritation. Also her precious button nose is producing enough snot to fuel a car O.o  Does that happen for a lot of teething babies? I feel so bad!

Writing Prompt: What special things did your parents do to celebrate your birthday?

My memory:

What stands out to me that’s similar for each and every birthday my parents celebrated with us is that they let us choose whatever meal we wanted and they would either make it for us or get what they needed to make it happen. We’ve had everything from steamers to chicken cordon bleu to hotdogs cut into octopuses (my youngest sister was turning five). The birthday kid always put an immense amount of thought into exactly what they wanted for their birthday meal, often months in advance. Whoever’s birthday it was would be sent upstairs while everyone else prepared the magic; then when it was time, they’d come marching down to a chorus of Happy Birthday and sit at the head of our six-foot table.

After the meal was over, my mom had always prepared an intricate homemade cake, usually made to look like something else. I remember I once got a cake that looked like a pile of crinkle cut steak fries with ketchup on the side. They looked wayyyy more realistic than you’d expect! Another birthday dessert was a bunch of cupcakes decorated differently so that they could be set up to look like a crocodile. We were in Florida for that birthday.

In addition to the meal and cake, we would usually do an activity thought up to be especially enjoyed by the birthday kid. One of my all-time favorite things to do as a kid was scavenger hunts. When I was turning 14-ish, my parents took me and my three siblings to the mall and gave us each a list of clues of things to find. We teamed up and raced to see who could finish first. 

I think my favorite birthday memory is one of my sister’s. Lizzy’s birthday is in January and she was envious of other kids’ summer picnic parties. So my parents gave her an indoor picnic birthday party, complete with a Spongebob pinata. It was hung up from the beam that separates our kitchen and dining room. They moved our dining room table and benches off to the side and laid down a huge picnic blanket and their spread of out-doorsy food. I don’t remember who was there, what we ate, or what her gifts were; but it still stands out as the best birthday party because of how unique it was.



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