I was left in the dust — Writing Prompt #4

Today marks one week since I started writing prompts. Should I host a blog party yet? Ha, just kidding!….I’m totally waiting till I have 10 followers before doing that ʘ‿ʘ. But seriously, I’m really enjoying this a lot and looking forward to when some of you join me in my story sharing. Just respond to my writing prompt on your own blog and share your link in my comments! Bonus will be my faithful loyalty to your blog forever <3. Or if you’d like to keep your blog pure from my filth, just post your story/memory straight into my comments.

As a little side note, I’d like to ask for any feedback so far if any of you have some tips. Since I haven’t been on here long, I’m sure I’m making a few mistakes and I’d love to learn from your experience! What can I be doing better? What would make YOU want to start engaging on here? Let me know!

Okay, moving on – here’s this weekend’s story-sharing prompt:

Share a time you thought you’d made the biggest mistake of your life.

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Photo by Shovy Rahman on Pexels.com

My memory:

Well, the biggest one of my life might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m going to go with the first that sticks out in my memory. I started at a four-year college down in PA, about 600 miles from home. It was coming to the end of my first year there and I began to wonder what I’d be doing for the summer.

Actually, I don’t think that’s true — I really just assumed I’d be going home and bumming at my parents. But the director from a nearby summer camp came to speak about where he worked. I was with a friend who was immediately interested in attending. I’d never been to camp before, but it was definitely up my alley. We went to talk to him the next day; he’d set a table up in the school “hive” to try to interest more people. Looking back now, I’m kind of embarrassed because I approached him to ask about camping, you know — the cost and available activities and such. He looked at me with some concern and corrected me…he was there to recruit counselors, not campers.

Um, duhh. Facepalm. That should have been my first indication that I was still a little immature for this. But I was interested anyway.

About a week later, we had a Skype interview set up. I’m not going to lie, people, I really choked. I’m not much of someone to toot my own horn and this was the first real interview I’d ever been in. At least I didn’t need to wear pants to the interview. I did, but it still crossed my mind. As a still seventeen year old, I was even more prone to being shy about promoting myself for a job. I cried after we hung up. Not because I especially needed the job or anything. Honestly, I was really stepping out of my comfort zone with this — especially where it was so far from home. It was more out of sheer embarrassment. It was easy enough to console myself though since there was no way they would think me fit for the job.

Well, they thought I was fit for the job. Actually….probably not. Knowing the constant need for more employees that summer camps have, it’s dawning on me now they must have been using me to meet their staffing requirements, fit for the job or not. Ai, how embarrassing.

Telling my parents was harder than I expected — they were a bit more protective of me than I thought. “We don’t know this place, we don’t know those people!” Yeah…I couldn’t argue with them there. Somehow I managed to convince them I’d be fine! and, This would be a really good experience for me!

They drove me down after the short break I got to take between the end of school and beginning of camp. It was just the three of us road tripping, and it wasn’t until we were there (literally hours before anyone else showed up, no joke) that it hit me how stupid I was being. We stood in the long dirt driveway that led the way out and my parents stood looking at me. I think I was fighting tears as I looked back at them. I still can’t believe they left. And I told them that as they climbed in their car. I kept standing there, still the only person around, and watched them drive away in their gray Buick.

It was in the dirt cloud then that I decided this was the stupidest mistake I could possibly be making. Thankfully, it was only about one week later that I felt 100% different, but that was one long week, people. One very long week.

So, when was a time YOU thought you’d made a horrible mistake? Share on your own blog or in the comments below! Here’s some tunes you can write to: alexrainbirdMusic – Indie/Pop/Folk Compilation And don’t forget to follow me if you enjoy this kind of content 🙂

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