Wait…You mean I CAN lie? — Writing Prompt #24

Every kid learns the same thing — lying is never okay. Right? I think it’s a pretty universal lesson we all learned…and then at some point had to unlearn.

Writing Prompt: When did you first realize that maybe it IS better to lie sometimes…despite what you’d always been taught?

My memory:

I don’t know how old I was turning. Eight? That’s a decent guess. We had my very few friends over. They gave me gifts. A pretty typical birthday event. Now, remember I was eight and I was getting gifts. Something is bound to go wrong; something always does at a kid’s birthday.

What’s amusing about every little kid is that they’re always the ones who will tell you things straight. Why do parents still teach their kids that lying is always wrong, no matter what — and then get embarrassed when their kid throws their little opinions and truths out into the world for everyone to hear? Shouldn’t you have seen it coming? They have no filter. It’s so pure. (Can’t wait to hear what Keny comes up with).

Zak gave me a water pistol. I had actually really wanted a water gun, so my parents must have talked to his parents. What they DIDN’T tell them is that I wanted a big water gun, not this dinky thing I had just unwrapped.

“Do you like it?”

“Well, it’s a little small.”

Bam, fun times over. After finishing up with gifts, I was told I had to go outside, where Zak was now playing, and apologize.

“Hey Zak…I really like the water gun you gave me [lie]. Sorry for saying I didn’t like it [lie].”

But at least I learned my lesson! How did you have to learn that little fact about life, despite what your parents insisted?

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