When have you acted out of character? — Writing Prompt #16

My father chose to heat our house with a wood stove in the basement, rather than the conventional American heating method. I know — you and everyone else thinks I was Amish growing up. Other than the belief system part of it, you wouldn't be that far off. Using a wood stove, however, meant that every summer my family spent a lot of time down by our shed chopping logs for the winter months. Man, the more I type this and start throwing out phrases like "winter months", the more I'm starting to think we really were Amish.

If you don’t remember something, did it really happen? — Writing Prompt #14

Yesterday, my mom brought me all my old notebooks from college to help clear some space in their basement. Most of them are just full of notes and homework assignments, but there is one notebook I'd like to keep for sure. It's the notebook I first started recording memories in. I have 51 recorded memories in it, some filling only a few lines, some multiple pages.

Is it a “Life Scare” if you didn’t get scared? — Writing Prompt #7

First I'd like to say it wasn't my idea. A group of my friends were having a "sleepover" of sorts (do you still call it that when you're college age?) down in PA. The following day we'd all be starting our second year as counselors at the camp I've mentioned in one of my previous posts. The last time we'd seen each other the summer prior, one of these friends had had a thing going on with a guy who worked with us.

I was left in the dust — Writing Prompt #4

Today marks one week since I started writing prompts. Should I host a blog party yet? Ha, just kidding!....I'm totally waiting till I have 10 followers before doing that ʘ‿ʘ. But seriously, I'm really enjoying this a lot and looking forward to when some of you join me in my story sharing. Just respond to my writing prompt on your own blog and share your link in my comments! Bonus will be my faithful loyalty to your blog forever <3.