Memorable Dreams — Writing Prompt #13

I’ve never paid much attention to my dreams, except for the short phase in my teens when I was having nightmares of people trying to kill me using various — let’s just say “interesting” — methods. That was an odd stretch of time, and fairly inexplicable. I wasn’t that much of an angsty teenager I don’t think. But other than that, my dreams have almost always been mundane things, not worth remembering or mentioning.
My husband is the complete opposite. Oftentimes the first thing he’ll say to me in the morning is “I had an interesting dream. Want to hear about it?” And then he’s not lying….they are super interesting. Whether it be an alien abduction (that he fully welcomes of course), his single-handedly fighting off intruders, or a lucid dream of being able to fly up through the ceiling and then, if successful, out towards the galaxy — most of his dreams have depth…plot….even almost a real story line. I sometimes think if he were to write down his dreams in vivid story-like detail, he’d be able to write a book that some people might actually enjoy. I should remind him of this….we might have a real money-making idea here. And if not others, our kids would at least enjoy them as a bedtime story alternative!
So though I have few to choose from myself, I’d love to hear a strange or fun dream any of you have had!
Share a memorable dream you’ve had, whether recent or years old.
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My dream:
I actually only have the detail of this dream because I wrote it down in an instant message to one of my coworkers the day after I had it. I’ve heard that pregnant women can have some incredibly strange dreams, so I think this might’ve been one of mine. I wrote this on May 31st, 2018:
Last night’s [dream] started with my younger sister starting on some weird and dangerous street drugs that I’d never heard of. She wouldn’t listen to my begging her to quit, so I “crafted an email” to my dad by speaking voice to text with a random garden hose, which was apparently writing my email down. But some strangers didn’t like that I was trying to help my sister get off the drugs since she didn’t wish to, so they each protested by pouring a bucket of paint (each a different color) over my head while I was in the middle of crafting the email with the garden hose.
When the strangers left, I used the garden hose to spray the paint out of my hair, and it was all coming out in rainbows. Then when I looked up, I was suddenly under the ocean. The house with the garden hose attachment was still in front of me though. It was actually my parents’ house in the dream. Far above the hose’s attachment to the cement foundation part of the house was a whale that had a cabin built on top of him. The whale was still alive though and he overheard someone flirting with his whale wife. He was so upset by this that even though he had been stuck under the cabin for a very long time (years it seemed?), he managed to build up the strength to break free from the timber built over and around him. Unfortunately, all his muscles had atrophied from the years spent stuck under this cabin so he couldn’t swim and he just sank to the bottom of the ocean.
There was definitely more to this dream, but I’m forgetting some of it. Those were all the highlights though 🙂
Have you had any memorable dreams that stood out to you? Do share!
And since this is still a fairly new blog, I’d so appreciate it if you share it with any friends or family you think would enjoy this kind of interactive writing site 🙂 The bigger community it’s able to build, the more fun it will be for you to participate!

12 thoughts on “Memorable Dreams — Writing Prompt #13

  1. You should definitely encourage your husband to write those down.
    And, are you sure YOU weren’t on some street drugs when you had that dream? It sounds as if you had.
    Not many interesting dreams here. Running away from bad guys is one of them though. I was victorious. Of course.


  2. I have kept dream diaries for a decade. Every morning I wake & reach for my book by the side of the bed. What I find interesting is that transistion between the sleeping & the waking moment: the vivid becoming paler (by the second…). If it is not recorded at once, it is generally gone. However, I can open any one of those dream diaries at random & 9/10 I can revisit/remember that dream at once! It strikes me as astonishing!

    Only several times do I believe I have had precognitive dreams – but they have all been made from the same ‘vivid’ material. Also, they all have been dreams in which ‘I wake up & I am in a dream.’ One that stays with me is this…

    I woke up & the bedroom was almost exactly as it should have been, except the walls, the ceiling, the floor were glass. I could see through into the next house from my bed. In my neighbour’s downstairs room I watched two Victorian people sat at a table, talking. I could not hear them, but I thought it strange that they were dressed so old fashioned. They sat at a table with a hand-bell on it. The bell, I could see, was connected to a length of string that ran from that room to the next & to their front door & out through the letterbox. There was someone at their front door, pulling the string & making the bell ring on the table. But it was as if they couldn’t hear it. The person at the door was saying, “Gas, gas.”


    The following morning I went to work & when I returned, the day after, my neighbour’s garden path had been dug up by the council, or the gas company, exposing the pipework beneath it. And a notice on their door read Do Not Enter.

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    1. Hmm, yes, more than I go back to my daily diaries/journals – the dream diaries only ever entertain, whereas revisting the daily diaries generally make me wonder what on earth I was doing with my life! If you get a chance, Memory Spark, do have a look at my sight – if you like dream stuff – I journal a weekly dream section. Thank you & I look forward to more of your blog.


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