“It’s a Perfect Fit!” — Writing Prompt #2

I’m going to try posting again, blindly hoping that someone will someday join me 🙂 My goal is to have a community on this blog site. I will post a writing prompt about three times a week that is meant to spark a memory you have. Of course I want to be a part of the fun, so I’ll give my own sample of a story that corresponds with the prompt. Then YOU can comment with your own memory/story! That’s where the idea of Memory Spark comes in. The more stories we read from each other, the more memories that will pop into our own minds. It’ll be like we’re friends around a campfire! Long or short, post your memories in my comments and then check back in to read what others have to say.

Today’s prompt will be this:

Share about a date that didn’t go how you envisioned.

photography of couple holding hands
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

This one’s fresh in my memory. Some friends recently asked my husband and I about other people we dated from the website that we met each other on. Oh, what interesting people use those websites. I got to meet one of them. His name was…hm, shall we go with Poopface? I just want to protect his identity, you guys. Okay, fine, we’ll call him Sam. He was a bit of a nerd — talked about computers a lot and other techy things I had no interest in. But hey, I was on that site for no other reason than to make friends and troll the internet, so why not get to know him?

He asked to come over to watch Forest Gump upon hearing I’d never seen it. I lived in a house just off campus at my University, so I felt pretty safe meeting up with him since I had numerous roommates to spot-check him. There was a Dominoes down the street so we decided to get dinner before-hand and munch during the movie. We walked through the park to get there — I noticed he was about my height (though possibly thinner?) with salt and pepper hair. He was only 24 though, don’t get too grossed out. I was 19. He laughed a lot and was in a constant state of exuberance, like off-the-charts exuberant. This was a little off-putting since I prefer the chill kind of people who don’t get over-excited about things. He jumped in front of me as we walked and suggested with way too much glee that I should piggy back him.

Excuse me, what?

I was too nice to give him a weird look so I pretended I wanted to run. Awkward, I know! But no way on earth was I wrapping my legs around this stranger who might be an inch taller than me and possibly weighed a few less pounds. Oh, and pardon me, but I don’t know you, sir.

We got the Doms and headed back to my house. I grabbed a couple blankets from my room (notice, 2 blankets were grabbed) and brought them down to the couch. Apparently I made the mistake of making one of those blankets big enough for two people. He was a cuddler, y’all. Like I said, I was too nice! We weren’t too far into the movie before he took my hand and interlaced our fingers, looking sweetly into my eyes. “It’s a perfect fit!” This was said in a high-pitched voice, like he was referencing a line from some movie. Ick. I held it anyway, because, yeah — I was too nice.

Would you believe I saw him again? Well, I kind of have a good reason. It was shallow, I won’t lie. Remember that he was a computer nerd? Well my laptop was giving me some serious problems, y’all. I needed some help, and I had someone offering. What’s a girl to do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Next time he came over, I worked on homework on my bunk as he spread his three laptops across my desk and rocked out silently with some headphones on, “fixing” my laptop. I cringed quietly, but needed the help so bad. He must have gotten bored or something so invited himself to swing up onto my bunk to cuddle. Right, so this is how it’s going to go. I jumped down, immediately claiming I needed to head downstairs for something. He followed me and I sat with my roommates in the living room. He cuddled up beside me, nuzzling as close as he could. You guys, this Sam man was the most enthusiastic about being affectionate that I’ve ever seen a person. I know he sounds like a creep, but really? He was just…. so…. so enthusiastic. This guy really wanted a girlfriend.

My roommates bailed on me, like the really good friends that they were (jk, guys, jk). I think they were getting weirded out to be honest. Sam took his chance and kissed me. Of course I pulled away and immediately saw something tented in his sweatpants. Gross! I was just fed up with him now. There really was no more miss nice girl hiding her glares. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me though that he didn’t get social cues very well. I headed to the kitchen to make him coffee for his ride home since I felt at obligated to do that much — mostly because I was definitely only using his interest in me to try getting my computer working again. He came up behind me and lifted me off the floor, twirling me in circles like we were in the romance scene of an old film. I slammed my feet to the ground and glared at him.

Never saw that guy again.

Unfortunately also didn’t get a properly working laptop out of it.

Want to listen to some chill vibes as you write your own memory/story? Here’s what I listened to! SamFish Music – September ’17  Don’t forget to follow me if you enjoyed my story 🙂

2 thoughts on ““It’s a Perfect Fit!” — Writing Prompt #2

  1. I love this idea. Here goes mine:

    I had recently ended a long relationship and wasn’t looking to start a new one. The drummer from the church I was attending really wanted to take me on a date. He sent flowers, texts and even talked to some of my family members to ‘put in a good word for him’. He seemed like a nice guy so I told him we should go out as friends was really honest about my emotional situation. I was hoping we would end up being friends since I hadn’t been going to this church for long and didn’t know many people.

    He picked me up and brought flowers, so I knew right away he wasn’t giving up on the idea of us dating. The drive to the movies was 20 minutes and it was mostly filled with him asking me random questions.
    – What was your childhood like?
    – How close are you with your parents?
    – What’s your favorite band?
    – What do you man you don’t have a favorite band?

    Keep in mind, I’m not a big talker and feel like I’m a relatively private person. We got to the movies and he wanted to watch a romantic movie. Thankfully it had already started so we ended up watching Mission Impossible. At one point during the movie, he put his arm around my seat. He wasn’t touching me and I didn’t really know what to do, so I didn’t say anything,

    By the end of the movie, I was famished. We walked out and he said ‘I am fasting for a doctor’s exam tomorrow, but we can go into a restaurant for you to eat.’ As much as I wanted to eat, I felt like it would be pretty awkward if I was downing a burger while he was staring at me.

    The drive home was just as awkward with random questions. I was praying he wasn’t going to lean in for a kiss, but something worse happened. We were almost home, less than 7 minutes! That’s when he starts getting emotional. He says something like “I feel a connection for you, the spark is there. We definitely have chemistry. You know, it takes one second to have a crush on someone, one hour to develop real feelings for that person, and one good night to fall in love, and I feel like I’m there, are you?”

    I was so thankful that it was pitch black outside, my face was bright red. I was so embarrassed, i wanted to cry. I didn’t know what to say, so after an awkward silence, I replied with “Thank you. I recently got out of a long-term relationship and am not ready to even begin thinking of getting in a new relationship. Can we be friends for now?”

    The disappointment in the air was palpable. I wanted to dig a hole to hide in. He agreed but said he wouldn’t stop trying to show me how much he cared. We said goodbye (no awkward kiss attempt!) and I went on my merry way. Needless to say this did not turn out into a relationship or a friendship. He wasn’t a bad guy, he just wanted a girlfriend, it wasn’t going to be me though!

    Thanks for taking the time to read! I’ll share more on other posts.

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