Childhood Birthdays — Writing Prompt #23

This morning I was watching a YouTube channel I love, Natalie Bennet Vlogs, and this family was celebrating their two-year-old daughter's birthday. It really brought back so many memories of how my parents' celebrated me and my siblings' birthdays. And MAN, did it also give me some toddler fever for Mackenzie! She's just 7.5 months now, but ever since she hit half a year (which was the point I had looked forward to ever since she was born), she's grown so fast! Her first tooth just broke through today, and I literally don't think I've ever felt prouder ヽ(´▽`)/

Jimmy Clearence

Little Jimmy Clearence All he wants is parents I am so alone “Can I have an Ice Cream Cone?” “No little Jimmy, you can’t” says Gertruda, his aunt I am so alone Will he ever find his home? “I want my mom!” “I am your mom.” “No you’re not!” His father steps in “Jimmy, respect … Continue reading Jimmy Clearence