Meeting Alex November 2013, Part 1 — Writing Prompt #19

There are a few stories I never want to forget the details on, though I wish I wrote the back when they were still fresh. I'd have so many more details than I remember now, but better late than never! One of the stories I want to remember is the first day I met my husband in person (we met online).

Memorable Dreams — Writing Prompt #13

I've never paid much attention to my dreams, except for the short phase in my teens when I was having nightmares of people trying to kill me using various — let's just say "interesting" — methods. That was an odd stretch of time, and fairly inexplicable. I wasn't that much of an angsty teenager I don't think.

I don’t make friends….just besties — Writing Prompt #11

I realized last night that I've never been much of a "friend-maker." Instead, I'm more of a besties-maker. Throughout the different seasons of my whole life, I've had a smattering of a few different friends but almost always one very close friend who I'd spend most of my social time with (read, like 97%). In fact, even when it came to the few smattering of other friendships, I actually had a habit of thinking them more like acquaintances.

Is it a “Life Scare” if you didn’t get scared? — Writing Prompt #7

First I'd like to say it wasn't my idea. A group of my friends were having a "sleepover" of sorts (do you still call it that when you're college age?) down in PA. The following day we'd all be starting our second year as counselors at the camp I've mentioned in one of my previous posts. The last time we'd seen each other the summer prior, one of these friends had had a thing going on with a guy who worked with us.

What’s a happy marriage look like? — Writing Prompt #6

Can I share a secret with you? Before getting married to my husband, before I said yes to his proposal, before I even met him or started dating anyone at all — I had a fear that whatever marriage I entered into would fall apart. Today's prompt pertains to this subject: Share a time when you had a glimpse at what happy marriages years down the road can look like.

I was left in the dust — Writing Prompt #4

Today marks one week since I started writing prompts. Should I host a blog party yet? Ha, just kidding!....I'm totally waiting till I have 10 followers before doing that ʘ‿ʘ. But seriously, I'm really enjoying this a lot and looking forward to when some of you join me in my story sharing. Just respond to my writing prompt on your own blog and share your link in my comments! Bonus will be my faithful loyalty to your blog forever <3.

I was the Party Pooper — Writing Prompt #3

My parents were really into hiking when I was growing up. They had a goal to climb all the 4,000+ footers in the white mountains of New Hampshire, since we lived relatively nearby. (Well a couple hours away, but nothing could stop them). My siblings and I still lived at home during this hobby so we definitely got dragged into a few of these adventures.