Meeting Alex November 2013, Part 2 — Writing Prompt #20

This is a continuation of Meeting Alex – Part 1. These stories of how we met are important to me. I like to remember pivotal experiences of my life with as much detail as I can remember. So even though it’s been long enough (5 years) that I’ve forgotten a lot of the little or (at the time) insignificant details, I want to write down what I can manage to remember!

Today’s prompt is similar to Part 1: What kind of details do you still remember about the first day you met your significant other?

My memory:

That night, Alex and I went back to the college that some of my friends attended. There wasn’t a specific plan in place…the general idea was just to hang out and see people I hadn’t seen in a while. Since my school was at least an hour from these friends, Alex and I were just going to be staying at my friend Amber’s house along with a few other people who had the same idea. This is where we would finally get to spend a little one on one time together for the first time since there would be so many people that it wouldn’t be rude of us to just talk to each other. I don’t remember much of this evening, but I do remember that we got separated at one point and I oddly felt Alex’s absence quite strongly. I think part of it is that I couldn’t imagine how much I would hate me if I were in his shoes: he flies down from out of state to meet the girl he is interested in to see if there is something real there. Then she disappears leaving him with a few people he just met and a few she herself doesn’t even know?

I don’t remember where I had been or how we got separated but when we finally found each other, he was with a couple friends I knew and a couple I didn’t. One or two of them were playing the guitar and singing, and Alex was just sitting there, being a good sport, playing with his mittens as he waiting for me. We excused ourselves to take a walk outside. It was getting dark by then and was pretty cold. Our conversation was strained and awkward at best. I learned that night that he occasionally has prophetic dreams though. Actually I think I learned he enjoys dreams in general. He told me about a dream he had where his family and mine were both canoeing on a river and ran into each other, years and years ago, when we were children. In his dream, that was the first time we had met instead of online. I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that I was  showing how ashamed I was that we met online.

When we got back to the dorm, we found a moment where we finally felt relaxed with each other. Probably because we stopped trying. I think neither of us felt like being social with anyone anymore at that point and we sat in the corner and I opened candy crush on my ipod. The two of us sat there together on a tiny couch or a large bean bag (I can’t remember which lol) and played candy crush together, taking turns on each new level. I even remember which level we tried so hard to beat. I had been on it for ages but we solved it that night together. I miss those times together. A quiet and tentative affection for one another while we work together on something.

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