Meeting Alex November 2013, Part 1 — Writing Prompt #19

There are a few stories I never want to forget the details on, though I wish I wrote the back when they were still fresh. I’d have so many more details than I remember now, but better late than never! One of the stories I want to remember is the first day I met my husband in person (we met online).

Today’s prompt: Do you remember anything about the first day you met your significant other?

My memory:

The first night I met my future husband, he was flying into Pittsburgh from Troy, NY. We’d been talking to each other online, through Skype, and on the phone for a month and a half. My friend Amber was helping me pick him up from the airport because I didn’t have a car. Also I wisely decided my dad would have less of a reason to kill me if he found out about this later and I could say I didn’t meet my potential cyber-serial killer online boyfriend by myself. Again, I’ve got brains, y’all.

Despite that this guy and I had quickly become best friends over the past month and half, it was still awkward meeting for the first time. I know why that is though. He surprised me by wearing slacks and an argyle sweater with fancy leather shoes. He looked a lot more mature than the guy I had been talking to, and that threw me off for a little bit. Now that I know he was just trying to dress up for the occasion, I think it’s cute ❤ At the time though, I wondered if he was too much of an adult compared to me. He is four years older than me and for the first time I wondered if that difference in age were too much.

I hugged him hello and I can’t help but wish I could relive that moment. I was too caught up wondering if I was making a mistake in meeting him to properly take in those first few minutes — the first minutes of meeting the man who would one day ask to marry me, who would one day help me through laboring to give birth to our child, the man who makes me laugh even on the lowest of my days. When he got in the backseat, I told him he’d better not think of trying to kill us because there were two of us and one of him.

That night, the three of us met up with a large group of my camp counselor coworkers from the previous summer and went out to dinner with them. Alex and I sat on the end of the table and tried to avoid any questions about who he was and how I knew him. Previous to the dinner, I made him promise that he wouldn’t tell people we met online. This was really important to me at the time because, to me, meeting a significant other online was the most egregious of ways to meet someone. I couldn’t have anyone know that I was THAT “low.” Part of the reason I found it so embarrassing is that I was only 19 at the time and really I thought only “old” folks used online forums to meet people.

Anyway, I went to the bathroom and on my way back, I heard everyone’s silence as one guy at the opposite end of the table questioned Alex about how we knew each other. I was still out of sight and immediately stopped walking, my eyes super wide and my heart pounding. No way was I opening myself up to this situation. I could overhear as Alex stumbled his way through trying to explain the situation without giving anything away and without lying. I can’t believe he didn’t get angry at me for that! It was so unfair of me because, honestly, he kind of sounded like and idiot and it was only because of me. I think he told them he was a friend from NY, just visiting. I mean, that was a perfectly acceptable answer but it wasn’t good enough for whoever was asking. I think the guy was sincerely just trying to show interest to the new guy at the table so as not to leave him out, but his questions were much too pointed for someone trying to keep a secret. I still feel bad about that! I waiting until the conversation moved on before coming back to the table, like a true coward. Hehe. Sorry, Alex.

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