Sock Mittens — Writing Prompt #18

I’ve decided that with a child, there’s no such thing as order. Chaos is all that exists. With that, I definitely won’t be posting every Saturday and Wednesday anymore…sometimes I’ll post less and sometimes I’ll post more. When reading through my old “memories” journal from a few years ago, I realized the more memories written down the better because I’d already forgotten about most of the things I had previously written about! So now, I don’t care about order. I just want to write them all, short or long 🙂

When is a time someone caught you doing something you’d hoped would go unnoticed?

My memory:

Last winter I found these beautiful mittens at TJMaxx while shopping for something else. They were made with a thick blush pink yarn on the outside and lined with the softest plush material for extra warmth on the inside. I don’t know how many people know this about me, but I rarely feel okay purchasing something totally on a whim. Instead I’ll hem and haw over whether I should buy the item for at least 10 minutes right there in the store. Then I’ll decide not to go for it because in the end I figure I probably don’t need it. But after a few days of further consideration whilst living out my daily life, I realize I clearly should have bought it after all because I keep noticing how many times I’d actually be using it throughout the week. Sometimes I then actually go back and make my insanely well-thought out purchase. Pretty ridiculous now that I have actually thought that through. But I’m sure I’ve saved literally hundreds of dollars doing this so #noregrets #sorrynotsorry

I did regret not buying the mittens though. It was an especially cold winter and driving to work in the morning felt pretty brutal. Holding a steering wheel with your bare hands in 15 degree weather is never much fun. I did have a pair of gloves to drive with but I’ve learned over the years that gloves aren’t as effective as mittens in Massachusetts. You need all your fingers together to maximize the warmth they emit.

All this to say, I DID go back to buy the mittens, but per the norm for TJMaxx, they were already all gone 😥 At this point I was pretty desperate for something warm to wear while driving to work, so what did I do? I bought the next best thing. I found a pair of red Santa socks that had the same exact lining as the sold-out mittens did. They also had little grippies on the bottom for traction. I thought that might be helpful since without a thumb, I’d need some traction so my hands wouldn’t slip around on the wheel while driving. I may be wearing socks on my hands, but I still got a brain in my head 😉

I figured that if people saw the socks, nobody in their right mind would think “Jeez, what’s that girl got on her hands?” No! Obviously everyone would assume they were mittens (as long as they didn’t see the grippies). They wouldn’t be taking a closer look to check out whether or not there’s a thumb, you know what I’m saying? Well, I went to Walgreens in my sock mittens a couple weeks after buying them and didn’t think to leave them in the car. At this point, I’d been wearing them long enough to forget how odd it must look to anyone who might notice. Anyway, I brought the two Milani matte lipsticks to the register that I was buying for my sister, and took off my socks and lay them on the counter so I could get out my credit card.

“Nice mittens.”


“Are those mittens?”

I honestly can’t remember which of these two things the cashier said. I’ve buried it in my memory apparently — but whatever it was she said, she had clearly found me out. Of course, I played it off like everyone wore socks on their hands in public (or anywhere) and just said Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Sock Mittens — Writing Prompt #18

  1. Your opening statement made me think. You said something along the lines of “children = chaos”. It made me think. I wonder if that’s why the world is in constant chaos. When I am home alone, everything is neat, orderly and peaceful. Once my kids get home, all hell breaks loose.

    We allow others to constantly run our lives. Why wouldn’t the world be in chaos, if it’s run by people with childlike brains?


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