Childhood fights <3 — Writing Prompt #17

Let’s skip the preamble. I have a sweet little babe now, which means who knows how long I have to write? Dang it, I just heard her give a little squeal in her sleep. This might have to be shorter than I thought!

Writing prompt for this week:

What kind of ridiculous things did you do while fighting with a sibling?

My memory:

I grew up with three siblings my age. There were actually seven siblings total, but four of them were much older and moved out for the bulk of my growing up years. Only one of the three that I grew up with is a brother and he’s two years older than me. Despite the age difference though, my mom actually decided to put us in the same grade while she home schooled us. I suppose doing that made things easier on her, which makes a lot of sense if you have four young kids to worry about raising while also having four older kids to worry about being in the real world.

I’m realizing after I typed that, that calling life “the real world” as a former “home schooler” sounds a touch sad. Perhaps I should call it… No, never mind, I got nothing — and I like I said I don’t have much time to think…baby’s let out a few more growls in the past couple minutes.

ANYWAY. With having a brother so close in age AND in the same grade as me (which for home schooled kids means spending an unreasonable amount of time together), there were obviously a few fights. So one time, I decided I would record every wrong thing my brother did. I was about eleven years old. My reason for doing this was that every time he did something annoying to me, I would usually make the accusation that he did it “all the time.” (Anybody else guilty of doing that?) His response was always the same: “Oh yeah? Well when was the last time I did it?”

Of course I never had an accurate answer which was incredibly infuriating, because I just KNEW he did it a lot. So, being the innovative child that I was, I decided to start recording his wrongs. Any time he did something annoying, I would write down his offense and then put the date next to the listing. My plan was to whip out my little notebook and give an answer to his ridiculous question and impress him with actually having an answer. Looking back I wonder why I was even humoring him? He was clearly just skirting the real issue. Sigh. Hindsight is 20/20 people.

My recordings only lasted a few days before I was tired of keeping track of any and every little thing. Plus it required that I not complain about anything he did until I had a pretty decent size list of offenses. No eleven year old sister has time for that. I also later realized there is a verse in the Bible that says not to record a man’s wrongdoings. So much for that.

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