My (not recommended) at-home piercing experience — Writing Prompt #12

Before I begin, I just want to quickly let my yuge expanse of readers know that I’ve decided to post these writing prompts only once (sometimes twice) a week instead of three times as I’ve been doing so far. My reasoning is two-fold. There are very few people who have the time (never mind the desire) to respond to a writing prompt as frequently as I currently post them. Maybe that’s why so far no one has joined me? Hehe, a girl can dream that’s the only reason 😉 Secondly, I’m having my first baby any day now and soon after that will be going back to work part-time, so I think I’ll soon be joining that group who doesn’t have enough time.

But lez be real, since no one has joined me in my memory journaling yet, it’s really because of the baby 。◕‿◕。

But anyway, here is today’s writing prompt! For those of you who want to participate, you can either respond directly in the comments or post your story in your own blog and just leave the link to it in my comments section. Bonus is that you’ll get some new visitors to your blog!

What’s something you’ve done that you either regret or wouldn’t recommend for others to do?

My memory:

Some of my friends are shocked when they realize I still don’t have my earlobes pierced. When I was little my mom said to wait until I was older. When I was older I decided I would look too weird with earrings. It wouldn’t fit my face or personality very well. I’m the kind of person who wears jewelry so infrequently that when I do, I can actually be a little self-conscious about it. And it tickles my skin.

I did however think I’d look good with my cartilage pierced.  Have any of you watched the new Parent Trap? Wait, not new — it’s, like, twenty years old. But of the two Parent Trap films, it’s the newer one, with young Lindsay Lohan. In it, one of the Lindsays gets her ears pierced by her sister-twin at camp. I decided to be that Lindsay, only with my cartilage instead. I’ve gotten it done three times now, though not always at a camp. The part that made it qualify all three times is that they were all done by friends. The first time WAS at camp, with a needle from the “craft barn” that we soaked in alcohol and burned with flame (very stupid). The second time was done at college, but at least I bought the needle brand new.

My boyfriend pierced my last one. I kind of made him do it. He was willing, but definitely wasn’t as into it as I was. It was our first Valentine’s day together and I was visiting him at his school in NY. He was actually there to get his PhD, so I figured he was smart enough to do a good job on my ear. He used a clean needle and a banana. The latter was to hold behind my ear for the needle to go into something other than his finger, but I was pretty hesitant about it. The Parent Trap used an apple slice, so I would have preferred that since everything went smoothly for them. A banana from the counter seemed kind of trashy, but he was the one going for a PhD so I went with it.

He had me lay on the couch in his little bachelor pad so he could numb my ear with an ice cube. Even when we thought it must be cold enough to start the piercing process, I balked. I know it was my idea obviously, but all of a sudden I had some definite hesitations.

“Okay, it’s through.”

“Woah, seriously? I didn’t even feel anything! Maybe I was more numb than I thought.”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“Wait a second….are you sure you didn’t just pierce the banana?”

“Oh yeah, that’s just the banana…let me try again.”

◔_◔    Young people reading this: just because someone’s getting their PhD doesn’t mean they’re qualified to pierce their girlfriend’s ear cartilage. Or any part of their bodies. The actual piercing ended up hurting WAYYYY too much to ever want to do again. It was my third time doing it, yes, but it also was the most physically painful. I don’t necessarily regret that I went through with it because, hey, it actually provides a really nice memory. But also, sorry, but no recommendation from me. Just go to Claire’s, folks. They’re pretty good there, and they usually have lollipops too.

My parents picked me up that night (since flying back from NY to NH didn’t make sense to them) and I’m pretty sure my mom decided my boyfriend was no good for me as soon as she saw the piercing. She didn’t say anything, but I know she noticed because she was very unhappy looking and didn’t greet him very nicely.

She likes him now though, because bad boyfriend or not, he makes a pretty nice husband and soon to be daddy ❤

What’s something stupid you’ve tried doing that you don’t recommend? I’d love to hear it! Don’t forget to follow me if you’d like to keep getting fun writing prompts and reading real-life stories 🙂

4 thoughts on “My (not recommended) at-home piercing experience — Writing Prompt #12

  1. Running was never a passion of mine. Never was it a goal, or even a first choice of exercise. However, at one point in my youth I had put together a bucket list of things to do before I was 25. I don’t quite know what possessed me to do this, but in my youthful ignorance I put “run a marathon”. Well four years later, I am now 21, and have no choice but to complete a full marathon. If for no other reason than to prove that I could do it. I would hate every step along the way, but I WOULD do it. And I did. It took me four long, sweaty, summer months to train for this, but I did it. And I LOVED it!

    At this point, you’re probably wondering “Lydianne, this writing prompt is suppose to be something you REGRET doing, not something you loved. You’ve got it all wrong!”

    Well let me tell you, I am getting to that part.

    Now let me rewind a couple of weeks to before the marathon date. At the time, I knew I was moving to Maine, so I had begun looking for jobs in that area as a dental assistant. As luck would have it I was hired at an office and had begun working there about 2 weeks before said marathon date. So I was still pretty new, both to this office, and also as an assistant.

    The marathon day comes, a rainy, overcast Saturday morning, and I successfully complete 26.2 miles of running. I was over the moon with my accomplishment, and was feeling on top of the world. Now, I don’t know exactly the metabolic processes that occurs in the body after such a prolonged period of strenuous activity, all I know is that I was not hungry after this race. I was so expecting to want to eat everything in site after using up virtually every energy storage in my body, but I didn’t. It was an odd feeling for me. Never before did I NOT want to eat. I’m always eating. It’s my favorite thing to do. But in this instance I did not, and it lasted for several days. I had just run a marathon, severely depleted my body of storage, and then proceeded to no replenish those storages.

    Now fast forward three days, and I’m back at work. Day three of the post-marathon fast. It was later in the afternoon and my boss asked me if I would be willing to assist one of the dentists with a gingivectomy.

    Now for all of you non-dental minded folks reading this, a gingivectomy is a surgical procedure that the dentist will preform if there is excessive build up of calculus underneath the gum line. In order to do this, the dentist will peel the gingiva (much how you would peel and orange) away from the bone structure to reach the nasty calculus underneath. Gross right?

    In no way, shape, or form did I want to do this. But remember, I was still new to this job; I was not about to say no to my boss two weeks after starting. instead I say something along the lines of “Yes! I would LOVE to do that! Thanks for asking me!”

    I arrive in the operatory much like how a death row inmate would arrive at the electric chair I would image. I walk into the room, put my brave face on, and begin the assistant duties of suction blood away from the site.

    With blood sugar at an all-time low.

    I see the blood, and I takes me all of 3 minutes to pass out.

    Let me repeat that: I PASSED OUT.

    I’m brand new to this job, and I faint at the first sight of blood. I had to be escorted out of the room to drink apple juice and sit in a computer chair while wallowing in my humiliation.
    It is, without a doubt, the single most embarrassing experience of my life.

    I you every find yourself in the situation of assisting/observing/performing a surgery, no matter how small, do yourself a favor and maybe try eating a snack before hand. I tried going the route of not eating anything for several days, and I can now say with some confidence that it is not a good idea.

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